Solar Bottle Bulb

DIY : How to Make Solar Bottle Bulb?

What is the Solar Bottle Bulb? The Solar Bottle Bulb is made out of a used plastic soda bottle or the water bottle, which is filled with the water and liquid bleach. The bottle is then fixed into a hole in the roof. While light streaming through just the hole would come in through a […]

DIY - Turn Boxes into Baskets

DIY – Turn Boxes into Baskets

We have now included some racks and I have been looking for some cost-effective storage space. Inexpensive, lovely holders can be near on impossible to come by. So I racked my mind and came up with this excellent alternative, convert containers into holders. This container is crafted from a common card board box, 4 ply […]

How to Clean Satin Heels

How to Clean Satin Heels?

When you wear wear satin heels, an evening on the town will go from grey to glamorous. But unpredictable weather and unexpected situations can leave mud or dust areas on your satin heels. Since an invitation to a great party could come at any time, knowing how to fresh up your satin heels is a […]