latest govt jobs in railway

Why Government Jobs for Youth are the cut above all Other Private Jobs

Government jobs in India are highly preferable jobs over private jobs in India. For smooth running of our countries various departments like railways, banks, municipality services, and state as well as central government hires individuals through various government exams. The government of India appoints many candidates and in return it offers them handsome salary package.  […]


Marital Rape: Still Questioned

Rape is considered a major crime in Indian constitution as well as in society too. After a single case a storm of views and statement comes from everywhere for victim and culprit as well. People constantly talk about case. But why not on marital rape. When a woman is forced by her husband for any […]

Career as a Teacher

Career as a Teacher: Things to Know

Many candidates choose to teach as their profession with utmost passion. The reason is that they might have seen their parents or any other relatives as teachers right from the childhood. Otherwise, they might also have inspiration from one of their teachers at school. There are also individuals, who take up teaching as a professional […]